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Each author or presenter must pay registration fee before the deadline. Only registered and paid papers will be scheduled in the conference program and proceedings. Registration is valid only when the payment is received and processed. Please send all registration files to before the deadline.


​Regular Paper (5 pages)

Committee member author

Additional Page (Exceed 5 pages)



Registration fee

500 USD or 3500 RMB

400 USD or 2800 RMB

50 USD or 300 RMB /Page

100 USD or 700 RMB

150 USD or 1000 RMB

Attention for participants :

1. For the author or presenter: After your submission accepted, you will receive the formal notification of acceptance from ICDEBA 2024. In the notification, there will be detailed registration information.

2. For the Delegate: If you prefer to attend ICDEBA 2024 without presentation and publication, we suggest you to register as the Delegate.

Registration details :

1. For Word file (double column), the paper is limited to 5 pages, additional page is possible but will be charged 50USD/300 RMB per page.

2. The registration for presenter will cover attendance to all program (except the social program), 15 minutes’ presentation slot in the technical session, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks on November 16, 2024, the conference abstract, 1 conference proceedings, etc.

3. One regular registration with one paper will receive only one proceedings. 

Exclusion of Liability:

The Conference Organizer will not be held responsible for participants' failure to attend the conference directly or indirectly occasioned by visa application deny, riots, diseases or any conditions beyond the control of the Conference Organizer. And thus, the conference registration fee cannot be refunded.

Conference Site Safety Policy:

In the consideration of the personal and property security belonging to conference participants, please be sure to take the attendance cards during the conference. Unauthorized persons are not permitted to enter the venue. The conference organizers won't accept liability for personal injuries, or for loss or damage of property belonging to conference participants.

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