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International Workshop on Explore Economics Structure and Financial Management in the Digital Age Digital Strategic Management

The digital economy is an economic form in which data serves as a key production factor, modern information networks act as important carriers, and the application of digital technology is a primary feature. With the rapid development of information technology and the increasingly close connection of the global economy, the digital economy has become an important force in shaping today's social and economic landscape. The healthy development of the digital economy is conducive to accelerating the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. The emergence of new industries, new formats, and new models spurred by digital technology greatly enriches the connotation of the national economy and social development, expands the scope of economic and social life, and forms new economies of scale and scope based on personalized demand.

The seminar will further conform to the needs of digital economic development and industrial transformation and upgrading. It aims to implement the development plan of the digital economy, cultivate compound and application-oriented talents who meet the needs of the market economy, understand digital economic policies, and are familiar with digital management and innovation. Actively organizing international academic conferences on digital economy and finance, it explores new trends, opportunities, and challenges in economic development in the digital age.

Workshop Chair

Yongquan Hu, dean of School of management, ZJHZCC, China

Submission Guidelines

Accepted full paper will be invited to give the oral presentation at the conference and be published in the conference proceedings. All editions and updates must be done before the submission deadline: October 10, 2024 .

The authors are suggested to use the Formatting Template to meet format requirements. Your paper must comply with the following specifications:Paper Length: Each paper should be within 4-6 pages. Each registration covers 5 pages. For extra pages, fee will be charged (300RMB/Page).Official language is English in paper writing and presenting.

Full paper submissions should report on significant, original, and previously unpublished results on any aspect of design of complex systems or artifacts. All submissions will be subjected to double-blind peer reviews, who are expert or have experiences in the related field for years. The accepted papers must be revised, taking into consideration the referees' comments and suggestions, before inclusion in the conference proceedings

Topics of interest

Digital Economy
Digital Economy and Real Economy
Economic Transformation
Information Economy
Digital Economy and Technological Innovation
Digital Economy and Industrial Structure Upgrade
Blockchain Technology and Regional Economy
Digital Economy and Green Development
Digital Economy and government Digital Transformation
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Digital Infrastructure Construction
Smart Cities and Digital Countryside
Intelligent Management System
Enterprise Technology Innovation
Enterprise Management Modernization
Artificial Intelligence and Internet Economy
Digital Currency
Digital Content and Green ict
Economics of Information and Attention
Economic Growth and Technological Innovation
E-commerce and Digital Business
Open Network Economy
Data Analysis and Data Mining
Forecasting Models and Economic Research
Economic Statistics Issues under Big Data

Financial Management
Financial Sharing and Cloud Financial Accounting
Financial Management
Investment Risk
Financial Budget
Fundraising Management
Investment Management
Financial Control
Big Data in Enterprise Performance Management
Application of Data Analysis in Management
Financial Analysis
Profit Distribution Management
Economic Benefit Audit


After a rigorous reviewing process, accepted papers after proper registration and presentation, will be published into Conference Proceedings. 


Zhejiang Gongshang University Hangzhou College of Commerce

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