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International Workshop on Navigating the Digital Business Frontier for Sustainable Financial Innovation

Scope of the workshop

The workshops will take place on October 20 at the same venue as the main conference in Hangzhou, China. The purpose of the workshops is to provide a comprehensive forum on topics that will not be fully explored during the main conference and to encourage in-depth discussion of technical, application, and community issues. In addition, we strongly encourage and will give special consideration during the review process to workshops aiming to create and strengthen communities  as well as workshops focusing on Navigating the Digital Business Frontier for Sustainable Financial Innovation .  

Topics of interest

Digital Financial Innovation and Strategy
Digital Financial Strategy
Impact of Digitizing Financial Models
Leadership in Driving Digital Financial Innovation
Automation of Financial Business Processes
Innovative Sustainable Financial Services
Data-Driven Financial Decision-Making
Digital Transformation of Financial Organizations
Sustainable Financial Technology Innovation

Digital Technology and Financial Markets
Application of Blockchain in Financial Markets
Digital Financial Risk Management
Future of Digital Wallets and Mobile Payments
Digital Platforms Driving Financial Inclusion
Application of Big Data in Financial Decision-Making
Smart Contracts in Digital Financial Transactions
Financial Technology Innovation and Social Impact

Digital Financial Services and Market Expansion
Application of Financial Technology in Investment Management
Digitization Trends in Financial Markets
Personalized Digital Financial Services
Future of Digital Financial Tools
Financial Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age
Digital Identity and Financial Customer Relationship Management
Innovation of Financial Technology in Cross-Border Business
Data Privacy and Security in the Digital Financial Market

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