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International Workshop on Digital Strategic Management

With the escalating global digital wave, digitization has become the engine driving economic development, presenting new challenges and opportunities for enterprise management and business economics. Against this backdrop, we cordially invite you to participate in the 2024 International Symposium on Digital Strategic Management. This symposium will be held this year in Hangzhou, aiming to delve into the strategic management of the digital age and explore the direction and strategies for future business development.

The symposium closely aligns with the overall deployment of the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, which focuses on fully implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, emphasizing the overall goal of achieving a strong start in the first quarter and winning the battle for a turnaround. In various aspects such as vigorously developing foreign trade, promoting consumption in various ways, attracting investment through various means, and refining brands through continuous efforts, the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce has launched a series of innovative measures in the context of digitization, actively responding to challenges, and promoting high-quality development of business economics.

As an international academic symposium in the field of digital strategy and contemporary management, we will delve into the impact of the digital age on enterprise management, focusing on the ever-changing trends in the digital economy. We will explore how enterprises can better cope with and practice strategic planning, innovation management, leadership development, information systems, and technological innovation in an environment of evolving information technology.

This symposium will invite internationally renowned scholars, industry professionals, and policymakers to share their latest research findings and practical experiences in the field of digital strategy and contemporary management. We believe that through this exchange and sharing, it will provide a platform for in-depth discussions on the challenges and opportunities of management in the digital age for the global academic community and business sector, promote knowledge sharing, stimulate ideological collisions, and drive the development of management innovation in the digital age. We look forward to your presence and participation, witnessing the new chapter of business management in the digital age.

Workshop Chair

Bing Wang, vice dean of School of artificial intelligence and e-commerce, ZJHZCC, China

Submission Guidelines

Accepted full paper will be invited to give the oral presentation at the conference and be published in the conference proceedings. All editions and updates must be done before the submission deadline: October 10, 2024 .

The authors are suggested to use the Formatting Template to meet format requirements. Your paper must comply with the following specifications:Paper Length: Each paper should be within 4-6 pages. Each registration covers 5 pages. For extra pages, fee will be charged (300RMB/Page).Official language is English in paper writing and presenting.

Full paper submissions should report on significant, original, and previously unpublished results on any aspect of design of complex systems or artifacts. All submissions will be subjected to double-blind peer reviews, who are expert or have experiences in the related field for years. The accepted papers must be revised, taking into consideration the referees' comments and suggestions, before inclusion in the conference proceedings

Topics of interest

Digital Strategic Planning and Execution:
Formulation and Implementation of Digital Strategies
Driving Business Strategies through Technological Innovation

Digital Leadership and Organizational Change:
Leadership Challenges in the Digital Era
Organizational Culture Change and Digital Transformation

Data-Driven Decision-Making and Business Intelligence:
Big Data Analysis and Business Decision-Making
Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business Intelligence

Innovation Management and Digital Marketing:
Innovation Management Strategies
Digital Marketing and Consumer Behavior Research

Information Systems and Technological Innovation:
Integration and Optimization of Enterprise Information Systems
Impact of Emerging Technologies on Business (Blockchain, Internet of Things, etc.)

Digital Security and Risk Management:
Information Security Challenges in the Digital Environment
Best Practices for Risk Assessment and Management

Digital Supply Chain and Logistics Management:
Optimization of Digital Supply Chains
Applications of Internet of Things in Logistics Management

Talent Development and Organizational Culture:
Employee Training and Development in the Digital Age
Building Corporate Culture and Integrating Digital Culture

Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development:
Corporate Digital Social Responsibility Practices
The Role of Digital Technology in Sustainable Development

Digital Management Case Studies:
Successful Case Studies in Digital Management Practices
Lessons from Failed Digital Transformation Experiences


After a rigorous reviewing process, accepted papers after proper registration and presentation, will be published into Conference Proceedings. 


Zhejiang Gongshang University Hangzhou College of Commerce

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