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International Workshop on Digital Strategic Management

Hangzhou, as one of the key cities for the development of China's digital economy, has witnessed the profound impact of digital technology on the commercial and financial industries. This city is renowned for its unique practices in the digital economy ecosystem and financial innovation, playing an important role in driving China's economic development.

The Hangzhou Business School of Zhejiang Gongshang University is located in Tonglu County, Hangzhou. The school adheres to the educational philosophy of "application-oriented, innovative, regionalized, and internationalized," catering to the needs of digital economic development and industrial transformation and upgrading. It is committed to cultivating versatile and applied talents who meet the needs of the market economy, understand national digital economic policies, and are familiar with digital management and innovation. In 2023, the International Conference on Digital Economy and Business Administration was successfully held at the Hangzhou Business School of Zhejiang Gongshang University, providing a valuable opportunity for promoting in-depth exchanges and cooperation in academia in the fields of digital economy and business administration.

Against this background, the International Conference on Digital Economy and Business Administration in 2024 will establish three sub-venues, aiming to further deepen academic research and practical discussions in this field. This sub-venue will delve into the development of digital economy and finance, highlight practical experiences in digital financial ecosystem construction, and explore the comprehensive impact of digital economy on the financial industry. Additionally, the sub-venue will invite local innovative financial enterprises to share their practical achievements, showcasing advanced applications of digital technology in financial services.

This sub-venue looks forward to deepening the profound understanding of the development of digital economy and finance in this conference, promoting scholars, researchers, and industry professionals to achieve deeper cooperation and innovation in this field. This will not only contribute to the sustainable development of Hangzhou's digital economy and finance but also provide valuable experience and references for research and practices in the global digital economy and finance field, promoting the sustainable development of the industry.

Submission Guidelines

Digital Strategic Planning and Execution:
Formulation and Implementation of Digital Strategies
Driving Business Strategies through Technological Innovation

Digital Leadership and Organizational Change:
Leadership Challenges in the Digital Era
Organizational Culture Change and Digital Transformation

Data-Driven Decision-Making and Business Intelligence:
Big Data Analysis and Business Decision-Making
Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business Intelligence

Innovation Management and Digital Marketing:
Innovation Management Strategies
Digital Marketing and Consumer Behavior Research

Information Systems and Technological Innovation:
Integration and Optimization of Enterprise Information Systems
Impact of Emerging Technologies on Business (Blockchain, Internet of Things, etc.)

Digital Security and Risk Management:
Information Security Challenges in the Digital Environment
Best Practices for Risk Assessment and Management

Digital Supply Chain and Logistics Management:
Optimization of Digital Supply Chains
Applications of Internet of Things in Logistics Management

Talent Development and Organizational Culture:
Employee Training and Development in the Digital Age
Building Corporate Culture and Integrating Digital Culture

Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development:
Corporate Digital Social Responsibility Practices
The Role of Digital Technology in Sustainable Development

Digital Management Case Studies:
Successful Case Studies in Digital Management Practices
Lessons from Failed Digital Transformation Experiences

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