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International Workshop on Digital Strategic Management

Scope of the workshop

The workshops will take place on October 20 at the same venue as the main conference in Hangzhou, China. The purpose of the workshops is to provide a comprehensive forum on topics that will not be fully explored during the main conference and to encourage in-depth discussion of technical, application, and community issues. In addition, we strongly encourage and will give special consideration during the review process to workshops aiming to create and strengthen communities  as well as workshops focusing on  Digital Strategic Management .  

Topics of interest

Digital Strategic Planning and Execution:
Formulation and Implementation of Digital Strategies
Driving Business Strategies through Technological Innovation

Digital Leadership and Organizational Change:
Leadership Challenges in the Digital Era
Organizational Culture Change and Digital Transformation

Data-Driven Decision-Making and Business Intelligence:
Big Data Analysis and Business Decision-Making
Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business Intelligence

Innovation Management and Digital Marketing:
Innovation Management Strategies
Digital Marketing and Consumer Behavior Research

Information Systems and Technological Innovation:
Integration and Optimization of Enterprise Information Systems
Impact of Emerging Technologies on Business (Blockchain, Internet of Things, etc.)

Digital Security and Risk Management:
Information Security Challenges in the Digital Environment
Best Practices for Risk Assessment and Management

Digital Supply Chain and Logistics Management:
Optimization of Digital Supply Chains
Applications of Internet of Things in Logistics Management

Talent Development and Organizational Culture:
Employee Training and Development in the Digital Age
Building Corporate Culture and Integrating Digital Culture

Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development:
Corporate Digital Social Responsibility Practices
The Role of Digital Technology in Sustainable Development

Digital Management Case Studies:
Successful Case Studies in Digital Management Practices
Lessons from Failed Digital Transformation Experiences

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